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IMA is committed to customer service.  We have been providing these services for over 30 + years remaining on the cutting edge of technology for EHR and Practice management solutions in New York State.  Along with excellence in the products we provide to the Behavioral Health community we are on the cutting edge of technology requirements in this arena. We care and our customers notice as evidenced by our many customers who have been with us for more than 25 years.


Our flagship product, imaServe was specifically designed to meet all the many, often complicated, and demanding, requirements of NY State. It is a comprehensive, highly reliable, easy to install, user friendly system meeting all federal and state requirements. Over the years our software evolved into what it is today. It is crucial to choose wisely in finding the right partner in this area. The right EHR/Practice Management software can be of enormous benefit to a behavioral health agency from both a financial perspective and a quality-of-care perspective. The wrong one can be a costly burden which could contribute to the loss of revenue.

We are proud of our historical statistics for the agencies we serve who are getting upwards of 95% reimbursement rates using our software for their billing services.

Our existing IMA clients tell us that they find imaServe Web is a remarkable evolution of the tried and true system they had been relying on for years. If you’re a potential new client, you’ll find it to be a highly advanced EHR/Practice Management solution that can help your agency in many ways become more efficient with attention to detail.

We focus on New York and as a result, we are able to add any new changes into our software quickly keeping you in compliance with all regulations.



Our mission is to work collaboratively with our clients and embrace their challenges as our own. We are a devoted partner whose relationships with our customers go well beyond basic training and support. We provide customer focused excellence with integrity. We deliver solutions for Behavioral Health Electronic Records and Practice Management needs in the State of New York.



Our vision is to dedicate ourselves to the simplification of what could be complicated through our software. To capture and report on necessary documentation for Behavioral OMH and OASAS programs throughout New York State. Our belief is by partnering with your agency to meet standards in an efficient, effective manner we free up your providers to assist more people in need.


Integrity– we perform all of our services with the highest degree of integrity and have done so for 40 years

Excellence – we dedicate ourselves to the highest standards to implement NYS regulations for Behavioral Health software

Dedication – we are dedicated to creating a customized system that fits the need and culture of your agency with the necessary components required by OMH and OASAS

Responsiveness – we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time to addressing and resolving customer challenges; we get results for you

Development – we are on the cutting edge of technological advancements in Electronic records for Behavioral Health and Chemical dependency to better serve your needs

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