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Products and Services

Our software allows a single interface for EHR and Practice Management needs. 
for Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Electronic Health Records

  • Documentation of services, needs, plans, and assessments

  • Alerts for client specific care related indicators

  • Ticklers for missing documentation

  • e-Prescribing


Practice Management

  • Efficient registering and scheduling

  • E-billing and remittance

  • Caseload management and reporting

  • Supervisory reporting and management tools

  • Financial reporting

EHR & Practice Management Combined

  • Interoperability

  • Streamlined workflows

  • Easy-to-access data and management reports

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Improved quality and coordination of care


The EHR component of our software includes options for either Windows or Web-based solutions. ImaServe provides a single interface to the clinical, financial, and administrative functions associated with providing behavioral healthcare services for mental health and OASAS clinics in New York State. Our software is easily adaptable to other areas as well with State regulations included in our system.

Our Practice Management/Revenue cycle management system has 30 years of tried and true success. Our customers are receiving over 95% rates reimbursement using this system.

IMA is a provider of HCBS compatible EHR systems

The Fund for Public Health in New York has selected IMA Systems as a qualified provider of HCBS compatible EHR. This was done on behalf of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the New York eHealth Collaborative. It means that IMA and imaServe have been thoroughly vetted and can provide the EHR solution necessary to help implement this important program.


You can purchase either our complete EHR / Practice Management program or a special HCBS-only version. Either way, we’ll work closely with you to make sure the unique needs of your environment are met.

imaServe provides a high degree of interoperability with a broad range of healthcare partners, including all major providers in New York State. What’s more, imaServe’s flexibility and design will enable it to provide this degree of interoperability for years to come. Some of the many partners imaServe can support include:


  • Quest, LabCorp, ShielLab

  • Intermediaries: Ellkay, LifePoint

  • ePrescribing & EPCS

  • H2H Solutions

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