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Meet Our Leadership Team

Barry Samel


Barry runs our company which is a boutique company started by his father Michael Samel some 30 years ago. Barry has a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Johns Hopkins University and has spent his entire professional career designing software solutions for the Behavioral Health sector. He has a passion for creating simple solutions to complex problems and is deeply involved in the development of imaServe. He continues to take his vision for the software forward to create quality products that make our customers lives easier while adhering to rigorous standards.


Michael Samel

Founding Principal of IMA

Over 30 years ago Mike started this company with two of his colleagues from Bell System whom he worked for 10 years. IMA’s first project was a successful bid for the development and implementation of an MIS system for the Albany County Mental Health department. Now, more than three decades later, this same software, now called imaServe with many feature enhancements, remains their software in Behavioral Health and OASAS programs. Without this forethought, agencies would continue to utilize paper for their records keeping which can be very difficult to manage. As a result of this state-of-the art system he had created, agencies were able to more effectively manage, report, and get reimbursed for their client visits.

Georgeanne Biancarosa

Executive VP of Operations

Georgeanne’s role is to manage all aspects of IMA’s products and support services. She is the direct liaison to all of our customers. She provides a clinical perspective having been a clinical administrator prior to her tenure at IMA which spans over 20 years.  Her team consists of a Project Manager and the Help Desk who all work very closely with our agencies to meet their needs for training, customization, and use of our software. Georgeanne is dedicated to the delivering of effective and meaningful solutions for our customers needs.

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