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Practice Management


Practice Management

  • Efficient registering and scheduling

  • E-billing and remittance

  • Caseload management and reporting

  • Supervisory reporting and management tools

  • Financial reporting

  • Tailored for the specific requirements of OASAS, OMH, and OPWDD programs

Practice Management





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The Process

Important things to consider:

Will your agency be able to increase their reimbursements with greater efficiency and partnering with their EHR vendor?

How difficult will it be to train your staff to be able to optimize the software?

Who will lend support after you start, will you be able to have your vendor train the trainer?

Are they willing to have you speak with existing customers to know firsthand their results with the software?

Answering these questions and working closely with the vendor will allow for greater success in the outcomes. IMA has a history of over 30 years obtaining high reimbursement rates, upwards of 95% for their customers who use this part of the system. Being New York focused allows us to optimize the changes that occur quickly at the State level which we add to our software keeping your clinics compliant and efficient.

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