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Our Commitment To New York Is Long Standing

For more than three decades, IMA has been devoted to one thing, providing software solutions for Behavioral Healthcare EHR and Practice Management needs that meets New York States demanding requirements  as well as all the requirements of the federal government. NY State is always undergoing rapid and dramatic change and we at IMA are committed to staying ahead of these changes and enhancements .

Our Behavioral healthcare software, called imaServe, is on the cutting edge of electronic health records software. It provides an interface that’s easy to use allowing providers to complete their documentation that is fully compliant with stated requirements faster than other applications in the marketplace.

We are committed to providing Behavioral Health software that’s comprehensive, easy to install, utilize, and very economical.

Other Services We Offer Include


Optimized Revenue Cycle Management: we maximize billing efficiency and recovery from Medicaid, Medicare, and Managed Care insurers-our agencies are seeing upwards of 95% reimbursement rates using our revenue cycle management tools.

Outsourced billing services: we provide cost efficiency, transparency and consistency in the billing process. When we perform this billing service, we assume the role of “user” instead of “system provider.” This enables our clients to begin using the e-billing and financial tracking operation immediately, even before acquiring a trained staff. It enables established clients to have a flawless process when a critical billing staff person leaves. We can provide crucial support until a replacement is trained and make sure billing and cash flow are not interrupted.


Meaningful Use consultation

We help your agency receive ARRA Stimulus Plan incentives. Customization of forms and modules that suit the particular requirements of your agency with regard to these benchmarks.

Customization of forms and modules

All forms used and modules can be customized to suit the particular needs of your agency. We collaborate for your successful implementation and tracking of necessary standards reporting.

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