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Privacy Policies

imaServe Privacy Policies

User data that is collected is exclusively application usage data. Logins, authentication, and user activities within the application are collected.


No user data external to the application is collected or saved.

We do not share user data with any third parties such as analytics tools, advertising networks and third-party SDKs.


There are no parent, subsidiary or other related entities that will have access to user data

Application usage data is retained for auditing purpose for a minimum of seven years as required by the applicable healthcare laws.


Additional software required:

  • PDF Viewer (i.e. Adobe PDF)

  • CSV viewer (i.e. Microsoft Excel)

  • Duo Multifactor Authentication Client

Additional costs that might be required to implement or use these capabilities:

  • Multifactor authentication: monthly fee per user

  • Training and Project Management: Charges for the training and consulting needed to effectively use these modules and integrate them at the provider’s organization.

Multifactor Authentication

imaServeWeb supports multifactor authentication using Two Factor Authentication. Each practice can configure any user to have Two factor authentication enabled at login. This is a user level permission.

Typically, a practice limits login for users to a defined range of IP addresses that are inside their network/firewall. When a user is granted permission to access imaServeWeb from outside this defined IP address range, Two Factor Authentication can be enabled within that user’s profile.

imaServe Desktop (windows/linux) does not support multifactor authentication as it is server based. The server resides within the network of the practice of system users.

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