“The IMA team has provided Twin County Recovery Services Inc. with two decades of professional, helpful, friendly service and a user-friendly EHR product. The benefits of electronic clinical documentation on their EHR desktop versus the days of paper allowed for a more personal client staff experience which is exponentially better. We were pleasantly surprised as IMA rolled out the web-based application a few years ago to find further enhancements to assist in our work. The Web application saves time in an ever-hastening clinical pace that allows for a more person-centered approach with all client information available on one page. The arrangement of client charts on the Web gives staff needed information at their fingertips allowing for healthier staff client interactions in sessions. Their customer service is top rate with a live person to assist any issues that may arise as well as ongoing assistance with our developmental needs. The IMA team is always open to receive suggestions as well as recommend potential improvements to our process as we develop our ever-changing work model on the Web”.

Paul Trowbridge B.S. CASAC, Director of Operations

Twin County Recovery Services. Inc.
Hudson, NY 

“ImaServe Web is turning out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made thanks to the dedication of your staff.  As expected, there were some bumps in the road, but I never really felt concerned about problems getting straightened out.  Your staff are absolutely amazing, responding almost immediately any time I send an email, which is really unheard of in this time. It was also nice that your team checked in on how things were going and offered any assistance I needed.  Your team always goes the extra mile; if they can find a way to get a claim paid they do. Partnering with your team to manage our billing has made a huge difference in our reimbursements and over all ease of completing the revenue cycle. Your Helpdesk responds quickly to any questions or challenges sent. Your team is terrific, and really made what could have been a rough transition onto the Web, much easier than I ever envisioned.  The clinical staff really likes the program even the staff who were trained on and using paper records systems for most of their tenure. Compliments are flowing daily. Thanks again for everything and for making all of your promises come true. I am very glad we are working together”.

Julie Oliva, Clinic Administrator

Southeast Nassau Guidance Center
Seaford, NY


“Over 28 years ago, IMA automated our OMH & OASAS programs. The partnership in our electronic records data with IMA has continued to provide a system that far exceeds our expectations.  We continue using this system for all of our clinical documentation and billing needs.  We have also moved over to their Web product allowing for further ease of use and implementation. Many state regulatory changes have occurred since we first started with IMA, they were responsive bringing their system forward providing us with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Twice during our time with IMA, for quality assurance purposes, the County examined alternative EHR systems through a formal RFP competitive bidding process. Many vendors bid and each time IMA emerged as the best choice. They are responsive to our needs and provide fast, effective solutions to our challenges. We count on them, and they deliver”.

Thomas K. Carlson,  

Associate Director of Informatics and Systems Development

Albany County Department of Mental Health
Albany, NY

“IMA has been intuitive, and responsive to our needs for all of our Electronic Health Records and billing system requirements for over 20 years. Their software is efficient and adaptable to New York State’s ever-changing regulatory environment which allows me to place my trust in the needed changes being integrated. IMA focuses on us and delivers what we need. We are very pleased with our choice to work with IMA. Through the years many vendors have attempted to capture our business, we are more than satisfied with IMA and know they are the best option for us”.

Estie Rubenstein,

Chief Financial Officer

Fifth Avenue Center, Inc
New York, NY


“IMA is always very attentive to our needs.  Over the last 20 years that we have been using IMA they have been able to deliver a quality product that allowed us to do our jobs more efficiently. As the delivery of features and services changes from IMA we have also moved along for the change to the Web. IMA is responsive to our needs and provides support when we require it”.

Cynthia Heaney, Director

Delaware County Community Services
Walton, NY

“We have been using IMA as our Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (Billing) system for over 10 years. The software that IMA has created is designed specifically for Behavioral Health in New York State. IMA has proven to be a true partner. It is their singular focus on New York that allows us to attain a reimbursement rate of over 95% on the fiscal side and Tier I certifications on clinical audits. IMA continues to work closely with us to maintain and update our clinical records keeping them up to date with latest standards and regulations and providing the reporting and monitoring tools to oversee revenue cycle management and staff productivity. IMA meets our high expectations for content and control and takes a customer first approach working closely with our team to create the customization of their software that fits our agency. The team at IMA is responsive and always available to work with us. Through the years we have seen much of the competition but we have not found an alternative to meet our needs the way that IMA does”.


New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center
Caring for the Community for Over 40 Years
New York, NY


“St. Lawrence County Community Services had been using IMA systems since 1997, over 20 years when I came on board in September of 2017. Although our clinics had been using the Desktop for many years; use of imaServe Web was not fully implemented until June of 2017. From that time until present, IMA has made many upgrades and feature changes that have been implemented to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients.

Over the last two years our clinics were seemingly understaffed causing us to not be able to take advantage of all of the many trainings available through IMA. As a result, it was discovered that our utilization and implementation of our billing system was not being optimized.

IMA began analyzing our system and found that many payers had not been configured properly in the system. Subsequently, we contracted with IMA to perform our billing services in Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

We have been very pleased with the results of this timely billing which has resulted in us receiving increased revenues. Denials numbers have and continue to drop significantly due to this service being done by IMA.

All of the staff at IMA have been very responsive to our inquiries, changes and reports requests. In addition, they have made themselves available for continued staff trainings. Their customer support greatly supersedes other EHR software companies that I have previously encountered.

IMA has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to our continued work with them going forward”.

Jay Ulrich, LCSW-R
St. Lawrence County Director of Community Services

Community Services Department
St. Lawrence County, NY